Get Certified in BFR! The Eclectic Approach to Modern Strength Training

Dr. E and Dr. Kyle Coffey welcome you to Modern Strength Training: The Eclectic Approach to Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Therapy/Training

Get certified in BFR - CertMST!


  • EXPERTISE - Learn from experts about integrating Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training with your clients and patients in a SAFE and EFFECTIVE method.
  • EASE - The course includes an incredible amount of scientific evidence so that you can begin using BFR quickly, effectively, and SAFELY!
  • SIMPLE - We simplify the process so that you do not need to take several days of an expensive seminar or a certification to begin using BFR.
  • REDUCED COST - We will show you how to safely and effectively use inexpensive tools to begin helping your patients immediately!
  • GET CERTIFIED - Whether you take our online or live workshop, you are eligible to get the credentials, CertMST (Modern Strength Training) after your name

Modern Strength Training

The Safe and Effective System to Integrate Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Therapy with Patients and Clients.

Discover How to Enhance Your Clinical Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction By Learning Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Therapy/Training - the BEST adjunct to traditional strength training that ANYONE can use!

  • Are you frustrated with the lack of progress using with traditional low-intensity resistance exercise in rehab?
  • Do you want to find a way to maximize the benefits of recovery with your athletes or clients?
  • Excited about trying innovative and effective methods to improve your patient's or client's outcomes?
  • Desire a system that allows you to start using BFR immediately in your clinic or facility?

BFR is a widely popular and in-demand service for athletes and patients..and for good reason!

  • It’s SAFE - improve hypertrophy and strength while minimizing the risk for injury by being able to exercise at a lower intensity!
  • It’s EFFECTIVE - improve endocrine response and heightened cell signaling for QUICK hypertrophy and strength gains in your clients and patients!
  • It’s VERSATILE - utilize with a variety of populations, athletes or clinical rehab patients!

Learn Upper and Lower Body BFR Applications

Learn use of a Doppler to find Limb Occlusion Pressure


  • Improving your client’s or patient’s strength in LESS TIME and with MORE PATIENT COMPLIANCE than traditional strength training… '
  • Getting your post-operative patients strength training EARLIER in their rehab protocol with NO RISK to the surgical repair….
  • Maximizing your athlete’s performance by implementing low-intensity resistance exercise with BFR on recovery days!

Does Practical BFR Need to Be FDA "Approved?"

What Others Think of MST...

BFR for Ortho and CrossFit

"As a Physical Therapist and strength coach I was very excited to take part in Kyle’s Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training course. I have been exposed to the concept in the past, yet have never received any formal training or firsthand experience. I had been eager to introduce this method to my Ortho patient case load as well as many of the CrossFit athletes that I work with. This course expanded on my existing knowledge giving me both the confidence and experience needed to utilize it effectively in the clinic and strength world! Given the correct individual I truly believe that BFR can be a safe and effective addition to many rehab protocols and strength programs. "

Modernizing my Strength Training!

"This course on blood flow restriction training was excellent in all areas and one that I suggest all physical therapists, personal trainers, and strength coaches should take. Dr. Kyle Coffey provided us with the most current cutting edge research, clinical expertise, and clinical reasoning skills so I well that I was able to confidently and safely start providing these services to my clients immediately after the course.... This course definitely changed my outlook on rehab, recovery and performance..."

BFR is an amazing tool for any Movement Based Clinician

"I recently attended Modern Strength Training's Blood Flow Restriction(BFR) Course taught by Dr. Kyle Coffey. By far, one of the better courses I have attended. Kyle explained everything thoroughly and made the concepts simple and easy to understand.

With a popular topic such as BFR present in the worlds of PT and Strength and Conditioning, I felt I could apply the principles and techniques of BFR day 1 in the clinic or on the training floor. I would highly encourage any rehab, strength and conditioning, or performance professional to attend this course if they want to take their skill set to the next level."

MST in Action

BFR is a widely popular and in-demand service. Don’t miss out on new revenue streams within your practice WHILE improving clinical outcomes and performance!

BFR is beneficial for:

  • Adjunct to general strengthening and conditioning
  • Post-op (TKR, THR, ACL and meniscus repairs)
  • Athletes (recovery days or during in-season training)
  • Injuries requiring long periods of non-weight bearing
  • Elderly
  • ...and anyone with muscles.

Take a Modern Strength Training Workshop now and get your patients/clients stronger than ever.


  • Use EDGE Restriction System BFR Cuffs
  • Learn how to use a handheld Doppler Ultrasound to maximize safety
  • Effectively utilize Doppler Ultrasound to find limb occlusion pressure (LOP) and individualize treatment to your client or patient.
  • Perform a thorough evaluation of your client or patient to determine appropriateness and effectiveness of BFR
  • Apply in either aerobic or resistance exercises
  • Integrate in closed and open chain exercises
  • ...and much more!
  • Taught in the US, Canada, South America, we go were we are hosted. Click here to host a MST course at your location!


  • Professionally shot and edited
  • Learn the same research, methods, exercises as our live workshops
  • Eligible for CEUs depending on your state requirements
  • Learn how to use the EDGE Restriction System and B Strong BFR Cuffs
  • Instruction on Handheld Doppler US also provided
  • Charts for quick reference provided
  • Upper and Lower body programming examples
  • 6 hours of content